Additional ISO Certification-ISO 9001 Laredo TX-ISO PROS #20



Additional ISO Certifications We Offer in Laredo, Texas (TX)

Additional ISO Certification-ISO 9001 Laredo TX-ISO PROS #20

Aerospace AS9100

This is an aerospace standard (AS) issued by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), in compliance with ISO 9001 standards agreed worldwide.

Aerospace AS9101

This Framework establishes specifications for audit phase scheduling and implementation.

Aerospace AS9102

Once a new or revised product is first introduced in the Aerospace, space, and defense sector it will be reviewed to ensure that certain requirements have been fulfilled. Most organizations follow such requirements by meeting the requirement of AS9102B First Article Inspection (FAI) (sometimes referred to as production cycle assurance).

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001

The ISO 37001 standard, released in the last few years, is created for the Anti-Bribery Compliance Applications validation framework. No company, in the era of accountability, should afford to ignore the possibility of bribery.

Asset Management ISO 55001

ISO 55000 offers an outline of asset control issues and basic terminology and concepts.

Automotive Core Tools (APQP, AQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, R&M)

Provides an overview of efficient interfaces between manufacturers and consumers by offering a shared vocabulary and method for product design and production, and how to utilize the main devices.

Automotive IATF 16949

This is a technical standard for quality assurance processes in the automotive sector, and is a generally developed standard in the automotive industry, harmonizing the numerous measurement and evaluation systems around the global automotive supply chain.

Body Armor BA 9000

BA 9000 is the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO) 9001 system specifically for ballistic-resistant body armor production.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Levels 1-5

This is a process management methodology that delivers the basic elements of efficient systems to enterprises that can enhance their efficiency.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

This is a regional framework for applying safety through the defense industrial base, covering many supply chain firms.

Counterfeits AS6081

This standard is intended for electronics dealers and brokers. It also focuses on activities such as sourcing of parts from trustworthy suppliers, reduction of counterfeit product danger, and detection of suspicious and reported fake and falsified items.

Energy ISO 50001 and SEP

This ISO model, developed to help organizations in all fields, offers a realistic approach to maximize energy efficiency by implementing an energy management program (EMS)

Environmental ISO 14001

ISO 14001 has been the universal standard for the creation and application of a management framework for the workplace.

Ethical Sourcing SQFI

The main feature of the SQF Code is its focus on the systematic application of HACCP to recognize and track food safety and quality hazards.

Facility Management ISO 41001

ISO 41001 has been introduced to define the criteria that an operational facilities management program will satisfy.

Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA

FSMA was signed into law and is the first public quality initiative in the country, with an emphasis on reducing food safety problems.

Food Safety ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognized standard combining the ISO9001 approach to food quality safety and the HACCP methodology to ensure consumer security at all stages.

Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry)

This lets people know you’re dedicated to sustainably maintain your forests and be in it for the long haul.

Gluten-Free Certification (GFC)

This stamp indicates the goods are from a GFCP (Gluten-Free Certification Programme) Production approved Network and conducted and have passed an evaluation of the GFCP network.

Info Security ISO/IEC 27001

It explicitly stipulates an ISMS, a set of knowledge risk management practices.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR

Is the United States law regulating the production, selling, and delivery of defense products, facilities, and equipment as described in the U.S. Munitions List.

IT Service ISO/IEC 20000-1

This adopts a systematic IT service management methodology and describes a collection of processes necessary to provide a successful service.

Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025

This ensures clients of the laboratory’s technological competence and its capacity to reliably produce reliable and relevant tests.

Medical Devices ISO 13485

It offers a realistic framework for manufacturers to meet the Medical Product Guidelines, legislation, and obligations, as well as show adherence to medical product health and efficiency.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) ISO 45001

Require a company to proactively enhance the OH&S results in accident and ill-health prevention.

Packaging ISO 15378

Where a company wants to show the willingness to supply primary labeling materials for pharmaceutical drugs reliably fulfilling consumer and regulatory criteria, as well as foreign best practices.

Quality ISO 9001

Is the Quality Management System (QMS) standard known internationally that can benefit organizations of any size.

Responsible Care RC14001

Responsible Care is an effort by the chemical processing sector for economic, welfare, protection, and security efficiency.

Supply Chain ISO 28000

It was designed in response to customer demand from the transportation and logistics industry, with the goal of increasing the overall quality of supply chains.

Telecommunications TL 9000

This is a common quality control program for the design, production, produce, delivery, deployment, and maintenance of telecommunications goods, i.e. equipment, software, and services.

Audit Management Systems ISO 19011

This provides plenty of details about how to prepare, perform, and disclose audits, which is usually provided in a training course for internal auditors or lead auditors.

Outsourced Internal Auditing

If your organization doesn’t have the resources to create a full-time workforce to conduct internal audits, you may choose to expand your audit role through co-sourcing or recruiting professional auditors.

Virtual Internal Audits

Through implementing the filtering criterion of their choosing, Internal Auditors can easily view every control outcome – regardless of where it was performed in the system.

Second Party Audits

A second-party audit is where a client executes a manufacturer audit to ensure they fulfill the criteria set out in the contract.

Supplier Audits

Independent auditors inspect the manufacturing plants of the manufacturer to evaluate the processing capabilities, quality control program, operational health, ethical responsibility, or environmental effects.

Supplier Evaluation

When the supplier evaluation has been done, the customer will then delve into the details and determine the suitability of the particular vendors, and the inventory to a select few of the best ones.

Compliance Audits

Essentially, it is the auditing of compliance and examines that a corporation or entity complies with the appropriate regulations.

Pre-assessment Audits

The main goal is to recognize flaws or shortcomings in a management system and to determine the degree of conformity with ISO requirements in an organization’s management system.

Documentation Audit/Desk Audit

To get details regarding his/her roles and obligations in an interview with an individual.